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American Butterfly Chronicles Presents: Transitions

Several weeks ago, I was on a walk-about through my neighborhood. It was the day after Denver’s first snow fall of the year, at the very end of October. A beautiful walk as I witnessed the clash of Fall with the attempted onslaught of Winter. While on that walk, all that kept running through my head was “Well Hello Fall, Meet Winter” and Fall responding, “Screw You!" with a wicked laugh.

Red, orange, yellow leaves juxtaposed against the bright white blankets of snowflakes piled on the ground attempting to prove to Winter, “Yo, Not So Fast, I’m Not Done!” But Winter was pushing hard, showing the trees, the leaves, and the inflatable and hanging Halloween decorations who is boss, crushing them under the weight of the wet snow, signaling back, “Yeah, Whatever Fall, Take That!”


Since that walk, I've been thinking about and reflecting on the big transitions of my life.

The transition from living with family to being on my own; transition from college student to professional; the transition from public servant for Congress, to a member of the Armed Forces; the transition from single to married, married to single, and single to a committed relationship; the transitions between multiple jobs; and 12 transitions to various states and countries over the last 23 years.

All had their associated challenges that I found my way through. In some cases, easily. In others, a lot of trial, error, personal reflection and growth. Out of all the transitions I experienced, my military moves always seemed to be the easiest. Not because they all executed perfectly, but rather because after two decades of moves, I expect bumps in the road and it is simply a treat when all goes swimmingly!

Except for this one. Except for the transition from life and work in Monterey, California to life and work in Denver, Colorado. I wasn't ready for how this one felt. The last few months have been a mix of all the feels. The goodness includes a smooth move into the new house, I'm closer to loved ones and slowly connecting/reconnecting with friends nearby. Yet at times during the initial few months I felt as I was being taken down by something heavy just like those leaves or Halloween decorations along my walk.

This transition has been the most fascinating and thought-provoking. At the same time, I am also seeing or finding the beauty in what I am experiencing and learning through it all.

All that said...feeling like it's time to start writing and sharing again.

Stay tuned.

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