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Living & Leading Authentically...and Awkwardly!

I recently sat down with Christina Mattison, host of "Leading With Heart--A Podcast for Military Women in Leadership," to share my experiences with authentic leadership, self-care and doing my part to break the mold in male-populated spaces.

After spending the first several years of my career growing up in the flying community, "raised" primarily by some incredible fighter and rescue pilots/leaders, I eventually realized I did not have to always be "one of the guys" or to try to fit myself into someone else's mold in order to be a good leader. In this episode, as my hosts puts it, I share my journey from conformity to celebrating my individuality, underscoring the value and importance of authenticity in everything we do. We also discussed the vital role of open communication and emotional intelligence in cultivating more inclusive and supportive work environments.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share a part of my leadership journey with her audience.

Link to my Leading With Heart Podcast Session:

You can also follow Christina on Instagram:

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